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Introduction text to the section – Friends can sometimes be tricky things... want some help on dealing with an issue? Ask your question... but first check to see if someone else has had the same question in mind..

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  • QUESTION My best friend has started to hang out with another girl called Sarah more often than she does with me. They speak on the phone every night for at least 30-40 mins!!! I feel left out, what should I do?
  • ANSWER Like most things in life, friendships do evolve and change over time. It’s not always in your control but how you react to the change can be up to you. It is easy to feel left out, but perhaps instead you can see this as an opportunity to get to know some of your other friends better or to take up a new sport or interest. You just never know who you might meet!
  • QUESTION I really like a guy at school called Caleb and I think he likes me. I would like us to be boyfriend and girlfriend, how do I ask?
  • ANSWER It’s often best to get to know each other better as friends before you worry about being a couple. The whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing can be a bit awkward but is much easier if you know each other well. Maybe if you and your friends are going to movie, ask Caleb if he and a mate would like to come along. That way there’s no pressure but you still have the chance to get to spend some time hanging out and getting to know each other.
  • QUESTION Hi, I’m 14 and my best friend has started to wear some make-up (mainly just coloured lip gloss and mascara) and I want to also. How do I ask my mum if I can?
  • ANSWER There’s a couple of ways you could approach this and you’ll know best for your mum, but one way might be to bring up how pretty your friend’s make up looks and that you’re thinking of wearing some yourself. That will certainly encourage your mum to say what she thinks about it. Another way may be to ask for some make up for an upcoming birthday and see what she thinks. Failing that, you could try the direct approach and ask her outright if she minds if you start wearing some gloss and mascara.
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