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  • QUESTION My best friend has started to hang out with another girl called Sarah more often than she does with me. They speak on the phone every night for at least 30-40 mins!!! I feel left out, what should I do?
  • ANSWER Like most things in life, friendships do evolve and change over time. It’s not always in your control but how you react to the change can be up to you. It is easy to feel left out, but perhaps instead you can see this as an opportunity to get to know some of your other friends better or to take up a new sport or interest. You just never know who you might meet!
  • evenn3
    Posted 17 Mar, 2017, 11:35
    evenn3 The same thing happened to me, but I just moved on and made new friends.
  • Lily1230
    Posted 24 Feb, 2015, 11:45
    Lily1230 Try telling her how you feel it sounds like no help but it really makes you feel better if you just tell her how you feel about it
  • VJerseyC15
    Posted 07 Nov, 2013, 01:42
    VJerseyC15 I also had this problem. It started this month on November. My bestfriend, Jennifer started to hang out more with a girl named Stavroula. Stavroula went to 1D's concert on August and Jen went on October. When Jen got back, she hanged out every time with her and I feel so left out. I do hang out with them, but they sometimes just talk and I feel so left out. I always think that they became close friend when the both went to 1D concert. I only see Jennifer sometimes because we're not in the same class. I really miss Jen and I feel so sad inside me. :(
  • kbk26
    Posted 27 Oct, 2013, 10:59
    kbk26 This has happen to me. These girls must be moody and bossy and hormones are lying everywhere. It will come to a end!
  • pony_girl
    Posted 23 Apr, 2013, 11:05
    pony_girl try talking to her about how you feel. Us girls are great at whinging behind eachothers backs! But if you chat with her I'm sure she will understand.
  • yelrom
    Posted 06 Nov, 2012, 08:26
    yelrom a couple of weeks ago my bffffff started doing this to me, i must admit we had only known each other for a couple of years and her other two friends had known her for like ever, we started hanging out with each other all the time and her other friends were realy jealous. they hate me and i hate them so i dont realy care but when she started leaving me out and having certain days where onyl they could hang out i was devestated, they never talked to me unless they were going to put me down but luckely my bff saw the light and now she hangs out with me again. SUCCESS!!!
  • Lucy47
    Posted 12 Jul, 2012, 07:39
    Lucy47 This happened to me a while ago, I had been bffs with her since we were 5 and then she just suddenly started to spend more time with my other friend. I told my bff about how i feel and she fully understood. I now am best friends with her still and the other girl.
  • yoshigal3056
    Posted 20 Jun, 2012, 10:52
    yoshigal3056 don't worry, if she is making you feel like your left out, then she is not your true friend.
    ive just recently had the same problem. as soon as my friend got in touch with her other friend she just met, like, 3 months ago, and since then, she has become really mean.

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