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  • QUESTION Hi, I’m 14 and my best friend has started to wear some make-up (mainly just coloured lip gloss and mascara) and I want to also. How do I ask my mum if I can?
  • ANSWER There’s a couple of ways you could approach this and you’ll know best for your mum, but one way might be to bring up how pretty your friend’s make up looks and that you’re thinking of wearing some yourself. That will certainly encourage your mum to say what she thinks about it. Another way may be to ask for some make up for an upcoming birthday and see what she thinks. Failing that, you could try the direct approach and ask her outright if she minds if you start wearing some gloss and mascara.
  • emeliapie
    Posted 10 Sep, 2015, 09:09
    emeliapie Im 13 years old & i asked my mum if i can start wearing make-up to school because all my friends do. She was like depands what it lookjs like. so i went to put some on that i had. and she was like yep you can wer make-up
  • busyem98
    Posted 01 Jan, 2015, 12:13
    busyem98 Just put on abit of mascara to thicken ur lashes but not too much otherwise it will clump up and instead of lip gloss use lip balm or lip conditioner it will give it a better look and shine, just see if youre mum notices if not then dont worry... Just do baby steps at a time with make up :)
  • 9345bubble
    Posted 11 Apr, 2014, 07:16
    9345bubble Me with makeup (im 12) well, i do mine really well because i don't like to look like i'm wearing makeup for example: I pull all the lumps out of the mascara and don't wear coloured eyeshadow. Im only 12. But my bday is soon and when my mum asked me what i wanted, i said I dunno, and then when she was in the shower i asked her if i could please have some for my bday and she said maybe but it wasn't awkward
  • vintage.sprinkles24
    Posted 06 Apr, 2014, 10:45
    vintage.sprinkles24 I kinda just started wearing it, and one day my mum was like, are you wearing makeup? And I said yes. That was pretty much it :D but don't wear heaps at the start there's a chance you'll look like a retard and the sudden difference will be noticeable. I just wear mascara and concealer and I think just that improves my appearance so much without making it look like I'm wearing makeup. Sorry that was basically a personal monologue and didn't really answer your question but maybe it will help :P
  • Pumpernickel
    Posted 30 Mar, 2014, 12:35
    Pumpernickel I got makeup when I was 6 just for being stupid but now I actually use it so maybe you should just use it and see what ur mum says or when your friend comes over try and get her to wear sum and look pretty and eventually your mum should give in
  • Feona7
    Posted 23 Oct, 2013, 08:51
    Feona7 catch your mum at a really good time and comment on her make up if she wears any then ask what age she starteed wearing it and keep following up and ask her. Over exagerate how many friends are wearing it.eventually she will crack.
  • Natnat64
    Posted 30 Aug, 2013, 07:43
    Natnat64 when i was 11 my mum brought my a designer make-up bag full of make-up and it made feel like a grown up but when i started to wear it to the shops or to resturants she took the make-up bag away from me and i still havernt got it back and i am 14. Child again
  • Fever
    Posted 25 Jun, 2013, 09:36
    Fever But then, recently I went out and got more and she just waved it off.
  • Fever
    Posted 25 Jun, 2013, 09:36
    Fever I did the same as BabyDino. Everyday now I wear a light sheen of my favourite pink-ish lipgloss and some mascara. I just went outright and asked my mum for some make-up and the next day she took me out to but some.
    If mums etc know that you're wearing it then they usually don't say anything.
  • Butterfly girl
    Posted 06 Apr, 2013, 01:34
    Butterfly girl just do it i do and i am 11 or ask your5 ma
  • girl10
    Posted 26 Oct, 2012, 04:03
    girl10 yeah i aggree. Just start wearing it. lol thats what i did. And yeah she didnt say anything. At the end of the day, you are growing up and your mother will understand. :)
  • Jacinta2929
    Posted 16 Sep, 2012, 10:57
    Jacinta2929 Either ask her if you can of do as BabyDino said... just start wearing it. I kinda did that :D
  • BabyDino
    Posted 11 Jul, 2012, 07:18
    BabyDino I think you should just start wearing it and then if she notices she probs wont say anything. If she does say something don't lie just say yeah im wearing it. thats what i did and nothing happened

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