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  • adrianna0804
    1 comment Posted 17 May, 2018, 02:06
    ADRIANNA0804 so there is this boy I have liked for a little more than a year now and I have liked him A LOT but he has used me and been really rude to me but I keep going back. he is also in the grade above me and he pretty much told my friend he likes me but would never date me because I am younger than him and "thats embarrassing". I have been trying to convince myself I don't like him anymore but I keep thinking about him still and he keeps talking to me and I get butterflies when I see him or hear his name. there is another boy I think I like but he is also a grade above me but he isn't really like that so he would probably date me still. I am really starting to like him but I don't talk to him a lot and he doesn't use social media a lot so I don't really have any way to talk to him because like I said, he is in the grade above me so I don't have any classes with him so I don't really have any ways to talk to him. I know if I don't talk to him I'm definitely going to start liking the other boy again because he keeps talking to me and I know if I like him again I'm just going to get heart broken again. I really REALLY want to talk to the boy I'm starting to like because he is so nice and he probably likes me too because everyone is saying they think he does and he always stares at me and always tries to be where I am. What should I do???
  • Libra Girl Expert
    Hi there adrianna0804! It looks like you've posted your question a few times (it happens!) so I'll just answer this one. Let's start with the first boy; he doesn't sound like a keeper. He's making excuses and I get you have feelings - which you're free to enjoy! - but his behaviour towards you isn't encouraging. My advice regarding him is to keep chatting if you want to, but try and see him as a bit of a 'crush' that's not going anywhere. Now - boy number two! He sounds great and yes, based on what you've said I think he likes you! You need to find reasons to talk to him - help with homework? A question about sport or some TV show? Anything! Ask if you can text him a question and get his number - then keep the conversation going - I suspect you're a bit of a natural at that! Good luck, LGx
  • Kgale888
    Posted 27 May, 2018, 02:16
    Kgale888 To Libra Girl Nurse:
    Hi I am 10 years old and there is a boy I have liked for two years last year he said he liked me and I am not sure if he still does but he asks me to be his partner and he keeps looking at me and smiling and making me laugh what should I do?
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