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  • Kati
    Posted 26 Nov, 2018, 10:45
    KATI I really like this guy but he asked another girl out a few years back and apparently got his heart broken. He is very shy and so am I. He recently started coming out of his shell. He is my age and I can't even get up enough courage to talk to him and I think he is currently trying to get into a long distance relationship with another girl. What do I do? I have very little courage now due to previous bullying and I don't want to mess this up as I have to be in the same class with him for the next few years of my life and there are only 15 kids moving into my grade.
  • Libra Girl Expert
    Hi Kati, I completely get the situation you're in! My advice is to park the idea of a romance - just for the moment! - and focus on developing a friendship with this guy. You really need to start talking to him and get to know each other better. I know you're saying you're struggling to talk to him right now, but that could because of the 'romantic' expectation, which can add a whole lotta stress and pressure!! If you try and think of him as just another guy in your grade who you should interact with on a regular basis, it might make it a bit easier. Once you start talking and see how much you have in common and how well you get along, you'll know for sure if there's a spark of romance there - or if you're destined to just be friends - either way, you can't lose! Just ask him about what music and movies he likes, what sport, what he does on his weekend, etc - it'll get easier once you start. Good luck! LGx
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